Updating an Ontology

To register a new version of an ontology, login and open the page for the ontology. You need to be an owner of the ontology, meaning you have either submitted the original ontology on your own behalf, or you are a member of the organization owning the ontology.

Click the 'Edit new version' button and the following dialog will show up:

Since this is a case of an "externally provided ontology," the ORR offers the two options:

  • Edit metadata: With this option you can update the metadata of the ontology. The other ontology contents is not affected at all.
  • Upload file: With this option you will be providing the full contents for the new version by uploading a local file or an external ontology.


In contrast to ontologies that have been uploaded from external sources, complete editing capability is provided for ontologies created by the ORR itself (that is, those originally registered through the 'Create vocabulary' and 'Create mapping' tools).

If you select 'Edit metadata', proceed with the changes as needed and click 'Register' to complete the registration of the new version.

Otherwise, if you select 'Upload file', the remaining process is very similar to uploading a new ontology. During the upload wizard sequence, and unless you decide to refer to a different IRI, the ORR will indicate that a new version of an existing entry will be created.


If you have edited the ontology metadata in the current version and are using the 'Upload file' for the new version, make sure the ontology file you are about to upload reflects any desired changes; otherwise you may need to re-enter all the metadata that was previously entered.

The upload steps are described at the Registering an existing ontology page.

When you complete these steps, ORR will return you to ontology view page, where you can see the ontology versions including the latest.

Ontology replacement complete