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Who are the administrators of an ORR instance?

There will be an "admin" user automatically created upon initial start of the ORR instance. This user will have the username admin and password as indicated in the master ORR configuration file. Besides this required admin user, there can be any number of additional admin users. The relevant entry in the configuration file is as follows:

admin {
  # (required) Password of the 'admin' user:
  password = "--actual-admin-password--"

  # (required) Email address associated with the 'admin' user:
  email    = ""

  # (optional) comma-separated list of usernames that will be granted
  # admin privilege right upon creation of the correspoding account:
  #extra    = "foo,bar"

Once signed in, an admin user will be able to see and use additional features in the ORR Portal interface. In particular, there will be a dropdown menu that looks like so:

New Organization

This option allows to create a new organization in the system:

Organization list


This option displays the full list of organizations in the system:


This option displays the full list of users in the system:

Triple store

This option allows to get the current size of the triple store (approximate number of statements), and fully re-load the triple store with all registered ontologies in the system: