Developed by MMI1, the Ontology Registry and Repository (ORR) is a web application and service to create, update, access, and map ontologies and their terms. Funding for the latest modifications to the ORR software has been provided by the EarthCube X-DOMES Project2.

The latest version of the ORR software (v3), has been deployed to multiple sites, including the MMI Ontology Registry and Repository at (for marine science artifacts) and the ESIP Community Ontology Repository at (for earth science artifacts), where it continues to operate under test as ESIP Federation's Community Ontology Repository. Those pages link to additional documentation available for each system.


John Graybeal (now at Stanford University) provides program management and community coordination; Carlos Rueda (Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute) provides technical leadership for the ORR software development; Felimon Gayanilo (Texas A&M Corpus Christi) leads the operational support team for the system; Janet Fredericks (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) provides current support for ORR development through her management of the X-DOMES2 program, funded by NSF's EarthCube project.

Together, these four individuals provide strategic oversight for ORR activities and directions, acting as an Executive Committee for the MMI and ORR projects.


The Marine Metadata Interoperability project1, originally funded by National Science Foundation grants, initiated development of the Ontology Registry and Repository. The MMI Semantic Web Services and Tools page contains background information about the ORR, including links to related information. The MMI Semantic Framework page has more information about the semantic framework, of which ORR forms a part.

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  2. Cross-Domain Observational Metadata for Environmental Sensing (X-DOMES) -